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Types of Kratom

Kratom originated in the country of Thailand. But up until 2022, the Thailand government restricted the export of this plant outside their country. This provided Indonesia the economic opportunity to be able to provide kratom raw materials to the United States becoming the largest supplier of Kratom in the world!

As of August 2022, ALL kratom in the US is coming from Indonesia. Even if it's called "Thai" or "Malay". This will be changing soon with the export of Kratom now legal as the Thai Industry begins to spin up their production and exports!

Kratom traditionally comes in 3 "colors"

- Green

- Red

- White

Now the common logic is that the colors impact the feeling and effects of the plant as such:

Green: Balanced, Energizing but also great mood boosting effects and as a mental stimulant for focused energy

Red: More relaxing and even sedating for some, great for evenings, for sore tired bodies, and calming the mind before bed

White: The most similar to caffeine, energizing, great mood boost and mental clarity, focus, and as a pre-workout

While there is a lot of debate about the origins of the colors, the generally accepted truth is that the color is not the vein of the leaf but the method of drying the leaf.

White: Is usually dried indoors with active airflow (such as a fan)

Red: Is usually dried outside in the sun (however, this presents a health hazard so our reds are dried indoors for safety)

Green: Is usually dried indoors with no airflow across the leaves

The "Strains" which we sell are based on regions or farms from where they are harvested. And are described below

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